Lefse Making

Guess what we made.


Have you ever tasted anything so magnificent, soft, buttery and sweet and full of goodness?

One year we made TWELVE batches. And I didn't even get tired of eating it. I guess I'm a true Viking.

We all take turns flipping them on the grill. And...... I normally turn them black because my cooking skills are AMAZING.

Mom rolled patties for four hours without stopping or complaining.

:D ~Norwiegan Food Loving Lex

It Snowed

Howdy everyone! Guess what? It snowed! And the forecast doesn't want this 20 degree weather to go   Away, I guess.

My brothers and I sprayed water on the bottom of our sleds and let it freeze so they would be extra slippery.



What I've Been Doing Lately....

On the nice days I've been riding Cory, my two year old filly and helping with Fall Roundup (not just on our ranch, neither.) , and on the not nice days I've been scooping manuare in the Bobcat for dad. I don't have no picture of that, thou.

My horse Chorus.....

Isn't that horse so pretty?

I would be jealous of my cousin if I didn't have Chorus....


                                                         1 Timothy 5:1

Rebuke not an elder, but entreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren;  the elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity.



My Occupation


I Found Another Reptile

I found this little guy slithering across the cement the other day. Ain't he cute?
His name is Elemer.

As soon as I let him go in the grass he disappeared!


Stil Willin the Turtle

Guess what! Grandpa found a turtle crawling across his front yard and brought it over here! I was REALLY exited. The green five gallon bucket next to the cage in the picture is what he came over in. he was real mad an' he hissed and waved his claws (and boy are those things sharp!) when I tried to feed him a worm.(turtles eat cooked chicken or turkey, raw beef, er worms.)So Landon Lawson and me hauled one of Rissa's old bunny cages up from a dusty corner and made what we thought a turtles home at the lake would be like. He's still alive, so we must not've done too terrible a job.

When the girls and I were at Farmers Market one of us said "I'm still willin' to do that if you what too." Then Larissa said, "that sounds like an odd name."

Stil Willin the Villian, I thought.
"I'm gonna name my turtle that." I suddenly decided.

It's real funny to watch him crawl outta his oversized bathtub. I have a video of it, but I don't …